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The Surgeons Table - Kai Satu XI (Mentawai Part.III)

Birthdays, party waves, party shirts, fireworks, thunderstorms, world class waves, giant trevally and a visit to the surgeon? This finale has it all!!

The morning dawning and captain setting back out into what we felt was even worse seas, while the sound of rickety cabin walls grinding together and support beams making some more than unorthodox noises, we had some genuine concerns to say the least but the good'ol Kia Satu held good!!!

We arrived to Roxy's Right (South Mentawi’s) at around 14:00PM and it was a case of get us off the bloody boat!! Roxy’s was rip able, clean little right-hander, 2-3ft where we stayed in the calm bay and surfed till sun down with a great group of locals and one other boat. It was sweet to be able to park the Kiamana up close enough for a paddle in and out rather than the dispatch boat. Few local groms off the islands all over the line up asking for boards, fins, clothes, and money you name it! A “mistake” of calling your buddy into a wave meant the locals knew names to heckle you with.

No love lost between the Doherty’s this afternoon. Luke’s nose penetrating the under side of Nathans 'go-to' AL Merrick taking if from 26 to 25L of foam after a sketchy duck dive.

Having no internet, phones, watches etc we all definitely lost track of days time until Juli called us down from the roof for dinner to a massive lamb roast and veg with all the carvings. We all knew it was Sunday and what a feed that was (again). For me, I work in hospitality and around food prep/commercial kitchens on a daily basis, so to see what these boys could do in the conditions we endured and feeding 10 seriously hungry blokes after a big surf, fucking unbelievable! Amazing food.

On that note, the trip would have been an absolute disaster if we didn't have the support from the Kia Satu boat crew. The gents were the most humble, funny, honest group of Indonesian locals who had the boat clean, food prepared, dispatch boat on hand, the lime juice ready for the reef and good times ready to go! So much love for a crew we'll never forget.

Bruce Lee – Captain

Juli – Chef

Asan – Crew

Rusty – Dispatch Boat

Putra – Crew

Amin – Crew

Morning session at Roxy's to fill in some time, it wasn't epic conditions but surf able and majority still heading out for a scramble on the world famous wave. Not much else happening wave wise this afternoon. It was definitely a well deserved lay afternoon on the tangs while we headed to the island of Pagai-Selatan (north) to explore and get off the boat while the captain completed our Mentawi surf registration (compulsory for all surfers in the region). This was the first afternoon and night we all really got on the beers on the roof letting off some tester fireworks for the big birthday bash to come later in the week!

Few dusty heads this morning but waking to sunrise at Thunders. We’d expected around a 4-5ft banging left-hander but got a super slow wave and small morning saw some 2-3ft coming in. The dangerously shallow low tide saw multiple limes being cut up and squeezed across reef injuries to backs, legs and hands after the session before the weather turned mid morning, dropping the temperature and bucketing with rain. It wasn’t exactly unwelcome. By this point their were definitely some tired bodies around the boat with the energy level lower than previous days with so much surfing and relocating back to back to back. With some well and truly surfed out it was a session for the ages with Dan, Miles and Luke out surfing through the storm and increasing swell toward 4-5ft on their own for around 4hours, coming back in with the biggest grins ear to ear after Milsy's bomb to close out the session with everyone in the line up just stunned! I went out to shoot the atmosphere and waves but was literally blinded by rain and wind in conjunction with not knowing where the wide sets would roll around and catch me out. I couldn’t see the boat, couldn’t see the boys or waves until they were already on top of me. Another tinny dropped some extra lads from a new charter boat into the line up so I hitched a ride back in to play it safe! My heart rate was definitely up there.

Once the rain stopped we took the dispatch out trawling and what a success round two was! Coey pulling in a decent 60cm Giant Travaley had the stoke level right back up again. The crew and Juli’s eyes lighting up, it was descaled, cleaned up and put on ice for a special dish tomorrow night.

Juli back to his old tricks again tonight with dinner cooking up a storm with grilled Mahi Mahi in a coconut laksa with fresh veg...out of this world! As we moved away from thunders into the night we were chased down by a mesmerising fork lightning show over the land and cracking thunder just to round out the stereotype.

Overnight into a 3am Captains alarm to take us into the world famous Macaroni’s Right. To be fair the swell was dead flat but with the 30th birthday of Lachy Finn underway it was an all out party shirt, party wave affair /attempt. Everyone out for a dip and paddle regardless. If the swell wasn’t tough enough, the literally knee deep reef with Munro and Cam Finn standing giving us a depth report after a little inside runner took them in.

Images below by @margarita_salyak

It was probably the hottest day of the trip sun blasting so we decided to stay on the roof and sink Bintangs for the 3hr ride to Lances Left. We arrived to virtually no waves but the froth level was off the charts. The lads probably having a few too many beers, but everyone still heading out in party shirts for party waves and a session for the ages. Coey unable to ride got in the dispatch boat with rusty and launched cans into the line up for the ultimate stiff arm and party waves.

All cans returned to the boat! Nothing was left out in our ocean!!

So many beers consumed with the best atmosphere in the line up, only us and fuck it, I’m calling it the best session of the trip hands down even if hardly any waves were caught. Watching a board swap between Lach Finn and Luke went down like a lead balloon when Lach taking the fresh fibreglass straight over the falls. Surfing till sunset and King Juli cooking up the Giant Trevally as well as a banging banana cake for Senior Finn's birthday dinner was insane. What better way to top it off then letting off a ton of fireworks in the still and calmest water I think the boat has ever been in.

The finale! Needless to say, some dusty melons around the boat this morning. Swell picking up toward 4ft still Lances left and majority back out to take full advantage for a few hours. Rumors of a Cam Johansson wave of the day shattered by the news of Milsy’s ankle taking a beating on reef or a rock which swelled up straight away his surfing was done. Wind shifting on shore left us only one option for the final session, around the other side of the island to Hollow Trees (AKA Lances Right).

Again, a stupidly shallow right hander holding the reputation of the inside section being known as “The Surgeons Table”. Mr Munro taking his final day and making an appointment with the good doctor scoring some heavy “tiger kisses” across the back and ribs in a vacant effort to steal for injury of the trip from Mitch and the staple brigade.

There were a few people out on the resort front but the line up dominated by 3-4 guys sitting super deep and taking the bomb waves, it was still so epic to watch these guys pull out of three section barreling waves and still pick some waves up ourselves! After a huge 10 days, from the water that's all she wrote, that was us on the wrap up.

The sad moment had now hit where the fins were being removed, leashes undone, boards stripped of warm water wax and paced back into the bags for the journey home (or Bali for the lucky few). MASSIVE thanks again to everyone onboard the boat, the crew, Margarita, Pit Boss Dan and those behind the scenes to make it all happen, but none more important that the epic crew of boys we had! Seb Huon - Mitch Coe - Lachlan Munro - Lachlan Finn - Cam Finn - Myles Finlay - Luke Doherty - Nathan Doherty - Cameron Johansson



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