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Plan B: Mt Aspiring & Rob Roy Glacier

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

With a day of sun and big cold snap looming from the East coast of Australia headed our way we decided to take the chance on a day trip over the Crown Range into Wanaka and planned to summit Isthmus peak.

Low lying cloud, and dense fog threatened to ruin the day but heading back to Wanaka and a re asses we decided to hit plan B, a lower altitude being Rob Roy Glacier and what a choice that turned out to be.

The outback made it maybe 70% of the way into Mt Aspiring across rivers and creeks until we met one to deep for the car so we would have to walk the rest. The hike though the valley basin along the ice cold river bed was epic enough with some lush late autumn colour in the trees contrasted against some ominous dark clouds. We were already stunned before climbing into the mountains and bush line, climbing toward the glacier.

The best thing about a narrow bush trial is the light at the end of the tunnel and the knowledge of a reward (glacier) at the end! Such an EPIC surrounding of glacier into sheer cliff drop waterfalls and a long lush, green and lively valley bed. Pure bliss and spent a fair bit of time soaking it in over a pre packed lunch!

Truth be told no complaining from Ash made for a stella day! Along the walk back we were offered a hitch along the valley floor by a passing 4WD to out car but opted against, and so glad we had! Met along the road by literally hundreds to a thousand or so sheep moving along. It was the most stereotypical scene you could ask for in New Zealand! Sheep, National Park, snow capped mountains and temperatures dropping rapidly.

The drive back was incomplete with out a stop in to the instafamous #WanakaTree on a nice full lake. Making our way back across the crown was brutal with again, dense fog and ice across the road making for some sketchy driving back into Arrowtown for a Slow Cuts burger and banging local Central Otago Pinot Noir!

The weather absolutely turning on when we needed it today! Ace.


Where: Rob Roy Glacier / Mt Aspiring National Park

When: Tuesday 15th May, 2018

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